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What We Do

At Johnson’s Hardware Rental & Repair we treat everyone like family.

Family is important to us. Johnson’s Hardware remains a symbol of integrity and honest family values for over 90 years; as a result, we continually grow our family of general contractors, local businesses, homeowners, and hobbyists. Our company founder, William A. Johnson, was a superhero of handymen. His commitment of providing quality products and his dedication to personalized customer service created an atmosphere of trust amongst builders and contractors, hobbyists and home repair gurus. Customers return again and again due to the company’s reliability founded upon William’s legacy of personalized service and his eye for quality.

We welcome everyone to embrace the Johnson’s Hardware experience.

Johnson’s Hardware fulfills a wide variety of our community’s needs. The family has created a comfortable atmosphere of a general store, yet they provide everything from small and large equipment rentals, key services, Boy and Girl Scout uniforms, lawn and garden expertise,paint and outdoor power equipment.

Every Johnson sales associate is committed to your happiness and will gladly answer questions not only about home improvement but also gardening, boating, and practiced advice on finding the right tool for any job.  We strive to provide each patron with a “get the job done right the first time” experience. Customer satisfaction and superior products and services are our foremost objectives; thus, Johnson’s Hardware is the number one choice for independent contractors in the area. We stand behind our products and uphold the family’s reputation for integrity.

Today, Johnson’s Hardware is a modern, twenty-five thousand square foot building with over thirty thousand  Loyalty Rewards customers. The Johnson legacy is now four generations strong, employs twenty-four local community members who love to share their knowledge and expertise to both new and returning customers. During the roaring twenties the Johnson’s first shop was dubbed the “Oil Room.” While that is now a fond, yet distant memory, the words of our beloved handyman and founder, William A. Johnson, still ring true:

“It’s been a family venture all the way and service is the name of the game.”

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